Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Earth Day Challenge

So I agreed to be more Earth Friendly, in general, but at least for the next 7 days. I heard a guy talking about biking, especially to places less than 2 miles away. So I probably could bike to the grocery store, etc. But not until it stops being freezing and snowing just because it feels like it.
Today, I tried to not use plastic bags to bring my lunch. First of all, bringing my lunch is much more Earth Friendly than buying it at school, because of the packaging and napkins and whatnot. But I always bring at least three things for lunch. So today I brought my carrots in a small container instead of a plastic bag. That's good, right?
And I promise not to write a bad poem today, which will cut down on the much-complained-about poetry pollution.
That's day 1.


Clint Gardner said...

Huzzah! I admire your baggy-less lunch. I I reactivated my lunch bag too after a couple of weeks of not brining my lunch. Not being in-town to bring lunch to work is a big part of the problem.

ErinAlice said...

I am trying not to wash any dishes in order to conserve water. good luck on your earth friendly adventure. There is no way I would ride a bike out here but I am sure I can decrease my carbon footprint somehow.