Sunday, June 20, 2010

Done with Crazy Relay!

I ran the Wasatch Back this weekend. While it was fun, it was also exhausting, mentally and physically. The strange part is that the best run this year was my worst one last year. Last year, I ran my second leg (Leg 17) in the early evening (maybe around 5 pm?). It was hot and the volunteers made me take the reflective vest and head lamp, even though the sun hadn't even started to go down. I threw this vest back into the van around mile 1, then had about 3 miles to go.
This year, I started the leg around 9:15 pm. The sun had started to go down, but it wasn't dark. The moon was up. I was running through some beautiful farm country. I was immediately passed by a young, extremely tall guy. But I did not fret. My plan was run slowly and just make it through.
It was lovely and awesome. My first run was 7.4 miles up Avon Pass. It was pretty, but hot. I asked strangers to spray me down with their spray bottles (and they did!). It was difficult, but I finished.
The second run was cool. The sun was down and there was a good breeze. I loved it. I passed a few people, always shouting out some encouragement as I did so. My favorite response was "good hustle" from a guy who had a perfect coach voice. He must have said that before.
I also am, basically, afraid to run in the dark. I don't have great depth perception and my night vision lacks clarity. But overall it was fun. The head lamp is good, because the biggest problem (I found) is seeing uneven pavement.
Overall, I have to say that the race was a success. I was only a little bitchy, and only at the end, after we had waited 6 hours for the other team to finish. The finish line was a cluster-cuss.
Now that I am home and well rested, life is good. I'm hoping to see a movie with Middlebrow and Son today. Then my life will be complete.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hello Summer!

Summer offically starts now, since Son is out of school, the sun is shining, the roses are blooming, and, oh, etc!
What do I love about summer?
  • swimming outdoors
  • Farmer's market
  • Camping
  • Drinking coffee while camping
  • Smell of campfire
  • Warm sleeping bags
  • When someone else gets up and makes the coffee
  • Hiking
  • Trail running
  • Lakes at the end of hikes
  • Any food consumed at the end of a hike
  • Chilled wine
  • Our anniversary
  • Sedona 
  • Island Park
  • Idaho
  • Salad
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Homemade salsa
  • Market dinners
  • tomatoes & basil
  • BLTs
  • Cucumber salad
  • Pimms
  • Any kind of drink in the backyard
  • Iced tea
  • Red Butte Garden concerts
  • Sitting on a blanket in the grass 
  • cool mornings
  • cool evenings
  • evening walks with the family
  • casual bike rides around the hood (especially when they end with gelato)
  • music
  • the pool
  • Son reading in his bed
  • lazy days
Okay, maybe that's enough for now. What did I forget? 

Friday, June 04, 2010

Competition/Competitiveness (does not)= Bitch

First of all, I just like to use the word "bitch" in a title.
Second, I was/have been a bitch in the past and I'm trying to change my ways.
Third, I'm trying to understand how to be competitive without being a bitch. It's not easy, but one thing I've learned is that when I have little triumphs (first one done with the workout!), I need to celebrate them as much as I wallow in my little defeats (workout kicked my ass!).
The other thing which I continually say here (you're sick of it, I know) is that I need to remember that there will always (always! always! always!) be someone who is better than me, no matter what I'm doing, whether it's lifting weights or running or cooking or writing.
So I just have to get over myself and get on with it.
That, my friends, is what I'm going to do.