Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Walter Mitty: some thoughts

  1. Just when you think Sean Penn can't get sexier...BAM! (that "BAM!" should be in 3-D and it would smell like wood smoke and musk and be soft flannel jeans and eyes like a volcano and it would be purple blue and so so loud).
  2. Ben Stiller is also adorable. Those eyes. Hello!
  3. Could Kristen Wiig be any cuter? (trick question...NO!)
  4. What is the deal with people thinking that a movie is a short story? IT IS NOT. It is something different, which is why a short story written in 1939 (1939 people!!) is not a 2013 movie. See? Two things are not one thing.
  5. The soundtrack. Go right now and listen to it. JUST DO IT!
  6. While these thoughts may seem a bit bossy, they are really just thoughts. Back to the thoughts.
  7. I'm blogging because yesterday I read a bunch of my blog posts from 2008 and they made me sad. SAD.
  8. Time passes.
  9. I must now add Greenland to the list of places where I want to go, which already included Iceland, so now I'm all like Iceland already!!
  10. Low expectations + matinee + friends = joy
  11. I don't want to ruin any of it for you if you haven't seen it, so I think you should just see it. But that's just a suggestion, you know, if you want to.
  12. If you haven't heard Jack Johnson do The Pina Colada song, you should.