Monday, July 18, 2005

Live from the Salt Lake City Library!

I am having one of those "urban moments." I came here to our lovely downtown library to work on my (somewhat failing) novel month adventure. I did okay, writing the requisite 2,000 words to make up for my three slacker days. So now I'm up to 8,591 words. And my character, Kate, actually left the house and had a conversation with another person. So that's good.

Middlebrow and I (okay, most Middlebrow) have been cleaning in anticipation of City Clean Up. We put our old swamp cooler out on the curb yesterday. In what must be some kind of Clean Up record, it was promptly picked up by a man with two children in a Suzuki SUV of some kind. I think the elapsed time between setting it out and him taking it was maybe 20 seconds. Maybe.

That's my update from Novel/Library headquarters. I must run now, so I do not receive a ticket on the car.


theorris said...

I have a similar clean-up experience. I should have taken a picture of the washing machine that some guys picked up in a rattlebox Ford F150

Counterintuitive said...

So are these folks really using this stuff or what? I'm far too cynical.

theorris said...

I think they sell it for scrap.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny. I entered a search for slc "city clean-up" and found your blog. I to am a SLC resident, waana be writer, seeking an English teaching position, father, husband etc. It's good to see other's working on all those things. I wasn't sure if you were doing that September Novel thing, but it sounds like maybe you are. Good for you. Keep up the good work. I'm burnt out on the novel stuff, but I'm going to try and get something done before too long, maybe.