Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wherein I Jump on the Google Poetry Bandwagon

Donald Trump: Luddite Boy Scout

Dawns the new era when the Boy Scout
Motto "Be Prepared" is, for example,
a luddite described as having more than a color TV

Sad: An electrical accident at the Boy Scout
Jamboree in Virginia has killed four.
Call me old-fashioned, call me a Luddite, I don’t care.

Whether You are a technophile or neo-luddite or if you are (choose one):
1) Donald Trump
2) Richard Branson
3) Martha Stewart
4) Bill Gates
5) Oprah

It's a tough decision to make.
Or, if Trump was a boy scout
before he (never) went to Vietnam

Or if he was a cat or a hooker or a Girl Scout
Cookie. Donald Trump wants to fire you.
Donald Trump wants to. . .

Listen: Even Donald Trump is complaining. Is this Luddite
environmentalism? Is this positive thinking?
Or a gimmick? Like a new breakfast cereal or a press conference.

Donald Trump eats this way, chews this way,
Head in the sand, sad, a Luddite, oh—
He’s my boy, Scout, he’s a mogul.

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lis said...

That, Dr. Write, is a brilliant poem. Brilliant!

Lisa B. said...

I second that motion. Love the last line. Screw the MFA! Long live Google!

theorris said...

Jimmy Hoffa Jimmy Hoffa!

(I've taken up saying this since it is so catchy and sounds better than "here here!")

theorris said...

I've now had Google poetry write a completely unedited poem for all the other members of the Google poet clatch, so here's your's, Dr. Write (sorry that it mentions Laura Schlensinger):

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