Monday, January 30, 2006

21st Century Techno

Middlebrow and I have finally joined the 21st Century by getting a DSL. Since Ed, the friendly Qwest worker, came over, I have been on-line dutifully adding friends to my MSN messenger contacts so, in the case of emergency, I can IM them for information on how, for example, to tell if a substance is blood or just dried juice (my sister Lisa) or how long one might make a recipe low-fat (my sister Kristi) or what mystery I should add to my must read list (my mom) or if I have an inquiry about pedagogy (my sister Erin) or Derrida (my friend Brian whose screen name is the frightening NukeDescending). I also added SleepyE just in case he has a Big Red Phone or Hoochie Mama update. I need to be the first to know.
On the negative side, I now have no excuse for not keeping extremely up to date with my hybrid course, which may, finally, in week four, be ready for lift off. And I thought Son was good with the excuses! Geez, those students are very creative when it comes to why, exactly, they can't do their weekend assignments until noon on Monday.
No excuses! It's the take no prisoners approach to visual rhetoric. Stay tuned!


susansinclair said...

I'm wondering how I might be classified. "When I feel the need for someone to comment randomly on my blog." or "When I need to hear a really inappropriate remark." Of course, I avoid the IMing, since I spend too much time online as it is...

Lisa B. said...

A. DSL rocks.
B. I want to be added to your contacts list (is that pathetic?).
C. As far as students and their excuses go--technology is just one more mediation for the eternal truth--the dog ate your homework, except now it's the internet doing the eating. It's shocking--shocking!--how often they can't download a thing you've uploaded. Of course, I believe them--I believe them all.

Sleepy E said...

IMming is the end of the world. Had friends who would do it to me back when I was AWOL (or is that AOL?). Then again, maybe IMmng would diffuse the 3-hour phone calls to Middlebrow...Like the Japanese earthquake system...many small ones every day prevent the big one!