Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Good News for Women Writers!

Kiran Desai just won the Booker Prize!

After my last post about "best novels" I found this news heartening. And, of the six nominees, three were women. Is it that the UK is more forward thinking than the ole U S of A, or what? Anyway, the name of her book is The Inheritance of Loss, which sounds good.

Other good news for women is the Gift of Freedom Award. $50,000, sisters! This year the award is for a fiction writer. Let's get out there and apply.

Maybe it's the cold medicine (let's hear it for DayQuil), but I'm feeling more optimistic.


Heather said...

I'm totally applying for the Gift of Freedom Award. Though the competition is going to be insane.

Nik said...

Oh Good, now I have something to read for when I have some of that thing they call time.
Heather. Yes. Apply. Why wait for sane competition?
Oh, btw, finally my word verification is something I can not only decipher but pronounce. Jiffy. OK. Actually, it's jfffy. One more try.