Saturday, February 09, 2008

AWP: the numbers

Literary luminaries spotted: 4 (not at panels or readings: Robert Bly, Charles Baxter, Howard Norman, David Kirby)
Bad readings attended: 2
Martinis consumed: 1 (the most expensive!! martini ever, $15)
Amazing meals consumed: 2 (Union Square Cafe, Balthazar)
Delicious soups consumed: 1 (Curry Cauliflower and Chickpea, very spicy!)
Shopping trips: 2 (both to H & M)
Items purchased: 6 (two shirts, one sweater, jacket, purse, nightgown)
Movies watched: 2 (27 Dresses, Michael Clayton)
Souvenirs purchased: 2 (I heart NY shirt & 3-D drawing pad for Son)
Souvenirs not-purchased: ?? (shot glass, snow globe, MOMA paraphernalia)
Bagels consumed: 2 (one from hotel lobby, not good; one from Dean & Deluca, delicious)
Muffins consumed: 1 (hazelnut cappuccino from D & D)
Beer consumed: 1 (Stella at a pub)
Wine consumed: Without number (including more than 1 $12 "red" from hotel bar), half-bottle at dinner with friends, bottle at dinner with friends. I guess that's it.
Walks through Central Park: 1
Magazines read: 5 (Two People magazines, one Marie Claire, One Allure, one Men's Vogue)
Episodes of "Law and Order" watched on plane home: 2


Nik said...

Though I may well have had a few more glasses of wine than your count, it's surprising how little I drank, considering I was child-free, car-free, NYC-plentiful. Perhaps it was the cost? The flurry of activity? Or perhaps, I'm getting old. Or mature. Perhaps that's what we should call it....

Lisa B. said...

Impressive numbers. I would say you had a very efficient trip, in terms of your measurable accomplishments. Good job.

ErinAlice said...

I need to call you and get some tips on good places to consume food and/or alcoholic beverages. I know there will be other things to do in NYC but I just can't think of what they are...:)

Counterintuitive said...

I would love to meet Robert Bly. Did he exude a certain manly/eastern type of confidence? Of course I wouldn't really want to meet him as it would make me nervous.

Hope your transition from measuring your days in wine, magazines, and good eating to number of student papers read was not too rough.

susansinclair said...

But didja see The Z? That's what I wanna know.

Dr. Write said...

The Z? Oh! Yes. But only briefly. Sadly. I hope to see more of the Z next year.