Monday, January 10, 2011

Why I Cry or Get Weepy: One Mother's Explanation

There are many reasons why one (i.e. Me), might become weepy or cry, sob even, for no apparent reasons. But, lo, there are reasons. Let me walk you through them.

  1. Bad things have happened. 
  2. Bad things have happened that involve children. 
  3. Bad things have happened and the reasons for these things are so complex that I feel overwhelmed, because I don't even know which one to feel bad about first.
  4. Bad things have happened and the people who suffer as a result are so widespread and the reasons for their suffering are so complex that I don't know who to sympathize with and so I sympathize with all of them. 
  5. I become afraid the bad things that have happened elsewhere might also happen here. 
  6. I become afraid that the Reasons Given for the happening of bad things might overlap with things I have done or thought, and thus that I, inadvertently, might cause bad things to happen.
  7. I sympathize with the people who also may have contributed to or have failed to stop the bad things from happening. 
  8. I sympathize with the people who do bad things.
  9. I look around me & I despair.
  10. I look around me & feel grateful. 


Aligates said...

And people so often just think it's hormones.

Dr Write said...

I know. Stupid people!

Fritz said...

"ditto" seems so trite. but there it is. and maybe a true representation of my equivalent articulation of such things.

theorris said...

You know Lynn, you are the last person I would suspect of weeping, but I can see that the necessity of weeping when it is really called for--as is the situation you describe obliquely. Sometimes, I think we all just have to let all that emotion and tension that builds because of our wonderful condition out into tears. I'm no weeper myself, but, by god, when it happens it comes like a full on rage.

And then it passes and the weeping has done its due.

I despise the easy weepers. You know what I mean. I'd make a certain religious reference here, but I shall refrain for the sake of propriety. Instead I will pick on the easy weepers like Glenn Beck or that ass Boehner--or unnamed Jesus Freaks or unnamed Mormons.

Gah such people stoke the furnace of Despise in me.

They have nothing to weep for, so they weep for the stupid petty things that mean nothing.

Anyway, in the words of a very hippy 70's song that my sister, who was a school teacher in training at the time, but has since caused me to weep for her poor choices in life, played me when I was a child stated "Its all right to cry. Crying takes the sad out of you."

Simplistic, yes, but weeping does wash something out.

Or, at least, it just gives us a fucking break.