Monday, April 06, 2015

Zip Ode

I heard this awesome story on NPR this morning, and seeing as how I needed to write a poem today it struck me as the perfect assignment for a Monday!!

The upshot is that you write an ode to where you live based on your zip code.
So, here's mine!

Sugar House, where is the sugar beet factory
for which you are

Razed, replaced now by restaurants. 

I like that a zero can be a blank line, and tried to explain the absence in the poem itself. Also, it's a short poem. I love short poems during poetry month! 


Lisa B. said...

I forgot to say in my previous comment that your header is gorgeous. Gorgeous!

And I am super grateful for the zip code ode form, which I will try forthwith, i.e., for today's poem.

I love your zero line, too, and also all those r's in the last line.

radagast said...

So glad you two revived this poem-a-day business. I'm unreasonably excited to see what you come up with each day. Thanks!