Friday, October 14, 2005

Baby Lust

My best friend from junior high, Adrienne, came to town yesterday. She brought her three month old daughter, Alex, who was incredibly adorable and ridiculously well-behaved. She didn't cry once (okay maybe once, but only for about three seconds) and she fell asleep pretty quickly just from being walked around and bounced for a little while.
Son enjoyed having the little visitor around, and he especially liked interpreting her coos and sighs, her kicks and swipes for us. When a blanket was placed on her and she started kicking, he said, "She doesn't want that." When she cooed for a few seconds, he said, "She's hungry." He really liked watching her nurse. I think it took him back to the good old days. When she needed her diaper changed, he grabbed a diaper and the wipes out of the bag.
I gained a little insight into what kind of big brother he would be. He was very anxious to help, and he loved talking to her and smiling at her, trying to get her to grip his hand. But he was also a little nuts, dancing a little too close to her tiny head, and jumping and being his normal crazy self.
But the baby was so cute and he was so attentive it made me, momentarily, rethink this whole "one kid" thing. I know it's more economical and more environmentally sound, but babies are cute! And Son seemed pretty into her. When I asked him, however, if he wanted a little sister, he said, "No." I always wanted an older brother (because I have three sisters, of course). Part of me wants Son to be an older brother. But I'm not sure that's a good enough reason to have another child. Is it?


Sleepy E said...

Smart people must procreate to offset all of the other clowns who have children willy nilly. Long ago I think this was called eugenics. I just say it's your responsiblity to not let your good genes die w/ you. Go forth and have babies!

Nik said...

Every minute that I miss with Zoe makes me think I should have another one to make sure I catch day 24, hour 16, minute 7 the next time around.
Still, sometimes what I want is not another baby, but another first baby. Everything is such a surprise.
And, I caution via the Val--two is like 20 And the big brother is usually nice, but sometimes does not like to share. And likes to suggest with his foot on her hand that that toy is indeed his.
Still, there is something to be said about having siblings. Maybe.
But I admire your environmenta convictions and when I think about how many, that reason is the main reason I stick to the number one.

Paulk said...

Son may be flexible.

I can attest to a conversation between Middlebrow and Son over breakfast Friday morning. Middlebrow gave him a choice between a dog and a sister/brother. He went straight for the s/b option, without a second thought.

Well, that's not exactly true. First he said both. Then he picked s/b.

Further coaching about the cuteness of dogs did facilitate a swing in vote, but I get the impression that either would be acceptable (and, of course, both would be Christmas).

Lisa B. said...

As the mother of legions (sorry for all the environmental damage I've done, everyone), I say it's never all one thing, good or bad, but I bet you wouldn't regret it, either. And remember, when you get old, poor One Child will have to take care of the doddering two of you. Not that expect you all to dodder.