Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Re-emergence of Fun!

I am rediscovering Fun! (that's fun with a capital "F" and an exclamation point) Not that I think Fun! and I have been enemies for the last, say, seven to ten years, but I think graduate school saps a little bit of the Fun! out of you. Or, should I say, graduate school hinders our ability to just have the Fun! without analyzing it, deconstructing it, commenting on it as it happens, etc.
I rediscovered Fun! this weekend during my first tennis class. I haven't taken tennis lessons since junior high. In high school, the coach let me practice with the team and I got pretty good. But I'd forgotten how much fun it is to be ordered around, to receive unambiguous instructions, and to just run around the court, without much thinking, for an hour and a half. As adults, I think we are under the mistaken impression that exercise has to be mundane or it's not good for us, but it's not true!
I really liked not being in charge. I liked when the coach, Debbie, told me exactly what to do. Stop! Plant your feet! Start swinging for that lob sooner! Toss the ball higher for your serve! Stretch those abs! Wrong foot! (Not to give you the wrong impression. Debbie didn't actually yell. She said everything calmly).
I especially liked this silly game we played in teams of two against other teams of two with one coach feeding us balls: an approach shot, a volley, an overhead. I was running and sweaty. Today I'm actually sore!
All I can say is that now I'm dedicated to playing tennis as much as possible, and to taking tennis classes where I get some concrete instruction. Language, in tennis class, is not an arbitrary signifier. I bloody well know what a volley is.
Let's hear it for Fun!


susansinclair said...

This is your idea of Fun!??? Clearly Fun! is in the mind/body of the experiencer... Now, a silly movie and a bag o' popcorn--that's Fun!

Sleepy E said...

I think the Scheduling of Fun is an interesting concept I'm just now starting to grasp. If I do not schedule the fun then I will not have the fun. Like scheduling free time. There is enough work to inundate the whole day, every day. I am envious that you are taking tennis lessons. Tennis is incredibly fun. I am thinking of taking swimming lessons.

Dr. Write said...

Clearly watching a movie is Fun! But sometimes while I'm watching a movie, I'm also watching myself watch a move. And I'm having meta-critical thoughts about the movie. I can proclaim I had no meta-critical thoughts about my tennis playing.

middlebrow said...

Oh can we ever recover our pre-theory innocence? Oh Russian Formalism! Oh Derrida!

Naive Realism, where have you gone?