Saturday, December 10, 2005

Birthday Outing, Part One

Last night I went to Tsunami in Sugarhouse with the girls (and Burger, in town only to defend his dissertation, so we allowed him to be an honorary girl for the night, which only got weird when he wanted to girl watch at Fats Grill).
The evening actually started at Otterbutt's house, with red wine and baby adoration. Then we went to Tsunami where we stood for half-an-hour and drank Plum Fizzes (no one but me seemed to adore this drink). Then we had an expensive bottle of Zinfandel and got a table. During our wait, Dr. Burger showed up.
Tsunami has the best sushi in town. And the best miso soup! Our favorite rolls of the evening were Jenny (crab, avacado, salmon, with thin lemon slices), TNT (I think it was some kind of spicy tuna), DHT (I have no idea what that stands for, but the entire roll was tempura-ed. Yum!). My friend Andie ordered deep-fried Green Tea Ice Cream (also super Yum!). We had more wine in there somewhere, and were joined by two more friends. We closed the place.
Then Dr. Burger, Sylvia, and I went to Fats Grill where Sylvia flirted with boring men and Dr. Burger tried to enlist me in some girl watching, Dr. B demonstrating an obvious preference for the big busted. Then we played pool (we were all terrible, Dr. Burger being slightly less terrible than Sylvia and me). After midnight the bartender wished me happy birthday.
This morning Middlebrow and I opened our gifts. I got slippers, which I had been proclaiming loudly that I needed in our drafty, cold house. I got him a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (that's the name of the band) CD. Son wanted to get him the Star Wars soundtrack, but as the mother, I got my way.
Looking forward to another blog-worthy meal at Martine this evening. We purchased a digital camera today, so we may have pictures tomorrow.


Condiment said...

This is great! I didn't realize you had the same birthday. Now I can combine Christmas and BOTH of your birthdays (and maybe Ross's too) into one MEGAGIFT! (not affiliated with the megastore, BTW)

Sleepy E said...

I don't know how Condiment got in here, sorry.

Nik said...

I had a blast! Now I want to go to Martine too, but instead I'll stay home and reminisce about our fine times last night. Happy Birthday!
(that condiment is sure up to no good).

Lisa B. said...

Hey, what's wrong with the megastore? Jeez, dissed, and in the comment section of someone else's blog.

Still, Happy Birthday to the Dr.MiddleWrites.

lis said...

happy birthday dr. write and middlebrow--how convenient that you share the same b-day. but do you have to wrestle over who chooses the restaurant?