Monday, December 12, 2005

Birthday Outing Part Two & Motherhood Redemption

First things first: the dinner at Martine was a sublime experience, reminding me why people spend obscene amounts of money dining out. We began with two tapas: the roasted Chanterelle mushrooms and the Lobster ragout in saffron sauce with a polenta corn cake. I preferred the lobster. It must have been the pound of butter in the saffron sauce. We had the Sangria with this course. Then we had salad and Pinot Noir. I ordered the Beef Tenderloin with the Blue Mash and roasted vegetables. Middlebrow had the Lamb Tenderloin with some kind of pasta. Again, sublime. Then we shared the Chocolate Decadence and each had a glass of Porto. Sorry no pictures. We were caught up in the moment. Then we rented two discs of "Monk," picked up Son and went home.

I also managed to redeem myself from Bad Mother Purgatory by baking peanut butter/cornflake/chocolate bars on Saturday and Chocolate Chunk cookies on Sunday. The former I froze (most of) to take to Phoenix for Christmas. The latter are for general consumption, which Middlebrow is doing his part to expedite.

Right now, I am collecting final projects from my 1010 class. They seem in good spirits. They ask me for 2010 recommendations. Of course, I recommend High Touch Megastore, Middlebrow, and other faculty members.

Happy grading to all!


Lisa B. said...

Your post reminds me of why I love Martine, and makes me want to go there immediately. As in, immediately.

Your motherhood, of course, needed no redemption, but your baking sounds sublime and I can only hope that your holidays will be jolly, biggie-sized, and that you will occasionally blog during said jollity.

[I should be grading but I am clearly not.]

theorris said...

Happy B-Day to one and all and many.

lis said...

I, too, wish I were at Martine right now. sigh.

Sleepy E said...

But where are the fotos digitales, doctor? You have been pulling a Pynchon for too long now...