Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just another Dinosaur Day at Red Butte Garden

Today Son, Friend and I went to Red Butte Garden to observe the dinosaurs, have a picnic, and run off some of their ya-yas. Mission Accomplished!
I was thinking about my recent cloud post. It's true that Nebraska has good clouds. But there were a few interesting clouds out today. Observe.
Here's a huge white one. It's peeking over the mountain. Note dinosaur head in lower right. Rrrr!

Here's a scary cloud. But basically unthreatening. Basically benign. A Utah cloud. Pretty to look at (for now. no lightening. yet.).
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Lisa B. said...

Loving your weather/cloud posts. Did you ever see Local Hero? If not, you should view it immediately. In it, Burt Lancaster is always urging Peter Riegert to look to the heavens. It's a gem of a movie.

Counterintuitive said...

I've meant to take kids to Red Butte for several years--maybe you've inspired me. But maybe not as we aleady did SD and we've already booked a zillion more kid activities.

theorris said...

It is good you found good Utah clouds. We don't generally have the threatening clouds here just big fluffy ones. You have to look at clouds in the morning in Utah, I think. By afternoon they are washed out with our overall dryness. They then become something quite different once sunset arrives.

Nik said...

Those dinosaurs up at the Butte are rad. I took nephew there. We loved the pterodactyl-like creatures the best. Why did they put the tyranosauras guy so far away? Cool though, you could see him through the trees.

Sleepy E said...

Dinosaurs! JP did we on our fateful road trip stop at the place on the 10 between San Bernardino & Palm Springs where they shot Pee Wee's Big Adventure?