Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Twins

Tonight I attended "The Best of the Breast" show at the Rose Wagner. It was a series of monologues and some haiku performed by women. Each of the monologues was written by a different woman. My friend Sylvia wrote one, and the woman who performed was excellent. All in all, the monologues were engaging and entertaining. Some were sad or disturbing, but in general, they exposed some little discussed aspects of breast ownership.
One of my favorites was called "The Twins." It was about a woman who learned about breasts from an older female neighbor who referred to her own as The Twins. She even named them and described their opposite personalities. Sometimes she said, "I can't talk now. Terese (one of the breasts, the naughty one) kept us up all night. She learned how to make pasties out of drink umbrellas and we were up until 3."
I've decided that this is how I will deal with all potentially confrontational situations. It's not that I don't want to do whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing, but The Twins. Well, they don't like action adventure movies. They don't want to go for a run. They don't want to eat spinach, etc.
I think I'm going to like the perkiness of The Twins.


Lisa B. said...

Sassiness, I would think, even more than perkiness.

susansinclair said...

Perkiness went the way of the pencil test some years back for the twins, here. I like the idea of holding them responsible for all outrageous behaviors. Like my friend who asks prying questions, only to hold his partner responsible: "I don't ask for myself, you know, but M. wants to know..." Now I can say, following some outrageously personal question, "Not that I want to pry, but the twins really need to hear this."

Plus, an early episode of The "L" Word referred to someone as having "nipple confidence."

Dr. Write said...

I used to have "nipple confidence."
At least I think I did. No, I definitely did. I can't say why here, but I did.

theorris said...

Talk about sounding dirty (and not in the polluted sense). Then again we men have pretty much let the little guy be the arbiter of all important decisions etc. for quite some time now, haven't we?

I've never had nipple confidence.