Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Love TV!

I've been thinking a lot about popular culture lately, and with the dawn of the new TV season, I have paused to think about what TV shows I really love. Really.

The New Adventures of Old Christine: While people love to insult the title, this show is actually funny. For example, last night Christine was talking about how when they are not dating women channel their energy into other things. "Like what?" her brother asks. "Drinking." (It's funny because it's true.)

Grey's Anatomy: Yes. I'm one of the hoards of people who can't get enough. Forget that the basic premise, that McDreamy would leave his gorgeous wife Addison (Kate Walsh) for the pouty Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), is completely unbelievable. I watch because of Cristina (Sandra Oh). And for McDreamy, who are we kidding, even though I find him morally challenged. And I like the rest of the cast too. It knows it's a soap opera with some medicine thrown in. I respect that.

Kidnapped: Somehow Middlebrow got me addicted to this even though the set up, kidnapped kid!!, would normally make me turn the dial. But really it's Jeremy Sisto I love. I get to love him now without being creeped out, as I was on Six Feet Under. Plus it's a mystery.

Without a Trace: I know I've said (more than once) that I would never watch this show again. I just can't watch the ones about kids. But I love Anthony!! It's genetic, I must love him. Plus that blonde girl doesn't bug me as much as she used to. And that other guy is okay too. But Anthony. . . (sigh)

Numbers: Math made sexy. Female FBI agents in completely impractical outfits (I like to mention this to MB when we watch it). Did I mention the math? This show reminds me that while math is a different language, it's basically narrative. Or the show makes it seem that way, for which I am appreciative.

Law & Order: The original. I still love it, even though the cast keeps changing. But I like the split between mystery and law drama. And they can still wrap it up in an hour. Nice work!

The Office: Love it! It's gotten away from the British original, but it's still hilarious. Steve Carrell. I loved the Gaydar on the last episode. Gaydar!

Scrubs: In reruns every night on KJZZ. Twice in a row. Nothing takes away the sting of grading like comedy and Fudge Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (MB brought these into the house. I must kill him!). And beer.

Also I watch Mystery every Sunday as long as the Inspector Lynley mysteries are on. We love our British Crime Drama. And comedy.

But what happened to Love Monkey? Middlebrow and I were the only ones who watched it. But it was good. Tom Cavanagh!! He's Canadian!! C'mon!


theorris said...

I feel woefully inadequate on the TV watching front.

heather s. said...

Scrubs got me through a recent bout of grading with this comparison (from Dr. Cox):

People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

lis said...

I love that Gray's Anatomy. I totally buy the premise that McDreamy would leave wife Addison for Meredith. Addison is pretty but in a made-up, how's my lipstick sort of way. McDreamy in his Streamline trailer is totally more about the M-type. love the soap opera.

Nik said...

I also love TV though not as much Grey's Anatomy--is it true though they've eschewed the Meredith the narrator component? If so, I may love it a bit more.
Last night we watched Jericho, then Criminal Minds then Kidnapped. All too sad. Kidnapped is the least sad because the people are rich, therefore "other." I've been on campus too many nights to keep up properly. And tonight? A reading. David Means--he better be Thursday night TV worthy.
Keep me posted on what I missed.

Nik said...

How many times must a man incorrectly type the kbtkx, or the qutxoze, or the lkvtps before blogger kicks him (or her) off the internets.
Only twice.
Blogger ass. Just did it again. Perhaps I can't read???

Counterintuitive said...

The Office opener, a show which I may never have kept watching without my blogger therapy session, was great. Dwight with his gaydar gear cracked me up.

And the whole gay/PC thing is so apropo. It demonstrate (for me) why PC cops don't get it. Allowing these characters, especially Michael, to say terrible things about gays and lesbians exposes the pure stupidity of such positions/labelling.

Lisa B. said...

I am not watching any of your shows at the moment, but I'm picking up Without a Trace again this weekend. I felt it was crappier last season--or more erratic--plus I fell under the spell of Vincent d'O. However, may I just say that I have taken great comfort many a time from your little profile blurb that says "I like TV." Me, too. A day without TV is like a day without TV, and nuts to that, I say.

I must try The Office.

ErinAlice said...

Okay I too love Numbers. Who can forget Rob Morrow from Northern Exposure? Gotta love him!! I also love Without a Trace although the kids ones are too much for me most of the time but I love Anthony (sigh) and the guy who plays Danny Taylor....okay I also love Project Runway and the Amazing Race-it is in China!! TV makes the world go round....

susansinclair said...

I am sooooo looking forward to getting caught up on network tv, now that I have a) basic cable and b) noone in my house insisting on watching reality shows.

Heather said...

Jesus Christ, woman! How do you have time to watch tv?

I so miss tv. Friend One (sorry to use the title, but oh well) made me watch, like, 3 episodes of Grey's Anatomy in Montana, and now I am hooked.