Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Poem a Day Project

At the request of my sister, ErinAlice (see blog roll to the right), I am posting my most recent poem. I will find a way to post the rest of the poems, either here or elsewhere. I'll admit right now I'm behind. But only by two poems. So I can catch up. Really, I can.

How to Write a Raymond Carver Story

First, there must be alcohol.
Add some people who like to drink.
The action is mostly internal. Think
about love or death. A man calls
his lover from a payphone or a
stranger in the middle of the night.
The story is about sex, or a fight
over sex. Or they need more of
something they lack: sleep or money
or gin. They were in love, once,
but now it’s gone bad. He humps
a maid, or a stranger. He says, honey,
it’s not over, not yet. It’s not so bad
we have to quit. In any case, the end is sad.

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Sleepy E said...

I love this! Great.