Sunday, December 10, 2006

Adios, Cha-Cha

Well, this will be the last post stateside. I am in the throes of packing and drinking coffee and reading. And socializing with Otter Butt, just for awhile before I leave.
I am SO in the throes of pre-trip mania, that I forgot today was my birthday until I went to yoga and had to write the date on my card. Funny. I guess I'm losing my memory already. And so young. And then we had to do sun salutations for the sum of my age digits. It's 11. You do the math.
So adios cha-cha. That's son's way of saying "Adios, muchacha."
We will try to blog from Friend's house in Espana. And give you updates.
Middlebrow has a Flickr account so we'll try to upload pictures too, so you can see how much fun we are having.
And don't forget to compliment me on the new shape of my eyebrows. Middlebrow is SO not equipped to be complimentary on this front. But it matters. It really does. Not as much as TV, but still.


ErinAlice said...

YEa-Spain or Bust. How exciting. I like to forget your age because then I can forget mine!! Drink plenty of sangria, eat tapas and do some flamenco dancing...okay did I cover all the Spanish stereotypes??? Looking forward to the pictures and stories from a land far far away!!

Lisa B. said...

The new shape of your eyebrows? I am SO not prepared to wait until you get back to compliment you on this matter, so I'm going to have to compliment you in advance of actually _seeing_ said eyebrows.

Hope you have a splendid time. Lift a glass of sangria while you're eating tapas, will you? It's long been a fantasy of mine.

Counterintuitive said...

Tus cejas son tan maravillosas!

J. Bob said...

Hi Lynn,
Lovely eyebrows! Have they ever looked different? Send lots of pictures. How is the bread and cheese?