Thursday, December 21, 2006

Espana Update

Hola! Greetings from Spain. After more than a week, I might almost be adjusted to the time here. Maybe. But today I woke up before noon (what an accomplishment!), had some tea, and then we took Son to Torre del Oro. No, it's not a tower made of gold, but a lookout tower and a naval history museum. Son enjoyed looking at the city from the tower, and then we ran around.
We've seen some amazing stuff here, most notably Alhambra. Today we went to Alcazar Real, a lesser castle from the Moorish period, with great gardens and a maze. Son and Friend had fun.
We've mostly been eating and drinking amazing Spanish wine that we send Son and Friend down to buy at the corner store, Don Jose's. The wine costs between 2,50 E and 4 E. Yes, that's about $6 max. For great wine!
We're planning a big dinner of many varieties of Tapas for Buena Noche (christmas eve). So far we've decided on mussels, shrimp, tortilla de Espana (egg, potatoes), salmon, espinaces (spinach and garbanzo beans). Did I mention the olives? They have a store just for olives!! My favorite are the Verditas (green, raw). They are so mild. I think of them as "soft." My favorite part of the day is before dinner when we hang out, have wine and drink olives.
FYI, "buenas tardes" which means "good afternoon" lasts until around 8 pm. Then it becomes noche, or night.
Highlights from the trip:
Watching "Without a Trace" in the hotel in Madrid. I had seen it before so I could follow the story. Plus, how hard can it be. Someone's missing. The agents ask, "Donde esta? Donde esta?" But the best part was the incredibly low, macho voice that they dubbed in for Anthony LaPaglia's voice. It was hilarious.
That son's favorite part of the trip, so far (at least last night, when I asked) was "when we looked at the pictures." His favorite was Goya's "Perro semihesnueda" or something like that. It's the "Semihidden Dog." And "Saturn eating his children." That's my favorite.
Son says "si" when I ask him questions and Scorpion's Tail got him to do some reading in Spanish when we were out at the Cathedral.
Tonight Middlebrow and I are going out for Tapas in Triana. Son is staying home and having pasta with butter and cheese. Sad.
It's 7:00 pm in Triana. Son and Friend are having an "early" dinner. It's the Spanish way.
Click on my Flickr link to the right to see pics from Alhambra. I'll upload some others later.


theorris said...

Nice. You should set up flickr so you can blog your photos. It is pretty easy.

Anyway drink una taza por mi, por favor.

Nik said...

Hola! Your Spanish must be getting good. Oh $6 for a bottle of good wine--why must you hurt me. You can't even get a $6 Glass of wine here. At a restaurant anyone. Where it would be 4 oz. I bet they don't drink oz's there. Nope. ML's all the way I bet. Man. My limits of conversion are exhausted.

ErinAlice said...

Without a Trace in espanol?? Magnifico! I heart Anthony..okay it sounds like loads of fun. I love olives-take pictures of the store-that is just too much!! Okay thanks for the blogs and pictures. We are keeping track of you. You and Santa.

Ho ho ho

Lisa B. said...

Watching American tv in a foreign land is an odd pleasure, but definitely a pleasure. When I was little and we lived in Japan, we used to watch "The Addams Family," and it was bizarre and yet somehow comforting.