Friday, January 26, 2007

Recipe for Happiness

  1. Swim often. Why do I continually have to relearn this? I finally bought a new swim cap ($8.95 at Pool and Patio) and then made it to the pool around 2 pm. The hours this semester are better, meaning I may be able to swim three days a week. Hip hip hooray!
  2. Don't stay up too late drinking wine and watching the new DVD you just got in the mail, "Grease." (I blame Amazon and Middlebrow for this. But it's so tempting to begin a movie library. So far we have: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Hannah and Her Sisters, Annie Hall, Monster in a Box, When Harry Met Sally, and of course, Grease. Next I'm lobbying for Saturday Night Fever.)
  3. Write every day. Again, I still haven't learned this. Even if it's only one sentence, I need to write every day. My sanity depends on it.
  4. Play games with your child. It's fun! It has been too long since I sat down for a good game of Uno with Son. So today I did. He ate Triscuts while I munched on carrots. We each won one game. All fair! We are also fond of Blink, Clue jr., Dinosaur Dig, chess (well, he's fond of it. and I try hard), Connect Four, and any card games.
  5. Get your errands out of the way. This, again, is a lesson I constantly relearn. Why do I defer? I finally got over to REI and they replaced part of my binding for free. Free! And I returned some pants and then I got my new swim cap, all things I've needed to do for what feels like forever.
  6. Sometimes, eat canned soup for dinner. This goes to sanity. Sometimes, I just can't care about cooking. Mostly the day after I stayed up until 1 a.m. watching movies. But it's okay. Also good: bagged salad, and sandwich night. All good. And the added bonus of very little clean up.
  7. Take Son sledding or skiing. Must get outside. Ignore inversion. Get ya-yas out. Must get ya-yas out.
  8. Take time to chat with acquaintances. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see someone I know at, say, the grocery store or the library. I like to chat with them. It makes me feel like I live in a community rather than a city.
  9. Sometimes, sit and stare into space.
  10. Ignore your email. Every once in a while.


Nik said...

You are a wise woman. I'm printing this out and posting it to my forehead. And my computer screen. And my steering wheel.

val said...

and... from an ad in city weekly...

1- Sleep in at least once a week.
2- eat at the Metropolitan.


Lisa B. said...

All good ingredients. My new year's resolutions are all under the heading of being happier--as in, trying to shape the conditions that will produce more happiness in me, and hence in the others around me. I am going to try to find a place to swim indoors. Must discuss with you how to avoid horrible chlorine hair.

ErinAlice said...

Great list. I would have stayed up for Grease too. I mean come on. Really trashy made for tv movies are good for that too!! I agree with number one except for swimming I say any type of exercise(usually walking the dog for me). I like to cook lots at one time and then we have "leftover" night,or nights. Perfect. I gave my students the assignment of writing everyday..wonder how many did it.

Sleepy E said...

I agree that bagged salad is the secret of the universe. I resisted for many years, but the gf kept putting it in my fridge and now I eat way more salads than I used to and the lettuce never goes bad! Genius...

theorris said...

2 more steps and you'll have your own 12 step program!

susansinclair said...

1. Every now and then, eat a piece of dark chocolate and meditate on its yumminess. (Once it's back in your diet, of course.)
2. Walk a dog. Doesn't have to be yours. Dogs are so happy about the smallest things, they remind us to do the same.
3. Embrace one vice. Mine is magazines.