Friday, January 12, 2007

Sedentary. Jet-Lagged. Cold. Me.

After two days of hanging out in my pajamas (okay, today I actually showered AND changed out of my pjs), I finally feel almost healthy again. I think I have recovered from Jet Lag. Symptoms: cloudy head, confusion, body weighed down by gravity, 7:30 bedtime, 6:30 a.m. waking. I recovered from jet lag only to be clotheslined by whatever cold/flu/death virus is currently in vogue. One day I felt great, the next I was convinced I had strep and at least three different varieties of flu and/or sinus infection. But I seem to be doing better. Unfortunately, I have been informed that intermittent recovery is one of the signs of this cold/flu/death virus. So it could be I feel okay until tomorrow. Whatever.
I am taking the opportunity of this long weekend to pick up anything lying on the floor of my house and shove it in a garbage bag. Then, I might dust. If I feel like it. I most definitely will not clean the bathroom. I may watch a movie. I already read one book (entirely unrelated to school!) and I may read another. Oh, and also finish a few books I only have one more chapter of and add them to last year's book totals.
I am definitely NOT doing any outdoor sporting events. Have you been out there? With the wind chill it goes from f*ing cold to too damn f*ing cold, which is why the geniuses of our time have invented TV and DVDs and what not.
Happy Long Weekend. And let's take some time to remember why we have an extra day off. And not be too cynical about whoever our local organizations have invited to speak. I'm just going to try to be nice, which for me, right now, is a challenge.
Happy Winter!


Lisa B. said...

It is way the f*** too f***ing cold, in my estimation. V. sorry to hear of your illness and hope that your recovery isn't intermittent but permanent. Also endorse your weekend strategy. Same as mine, except there are dog park outings (one today, wayyyyyyyy the f*** too f***ing cold) and movies in the offing.

ErinAlice said...

Sorry to hear about getting sick. I would say it is cold here too (all things are relative) but I am sure to get ridiculed. Let's just say the water puddles that are on our sidewald were ice this morning. That is something. Jet Lag does suck, no way around that. Hope things are falling back into place. Talk to you soon. Great pictures too by the way!!

Nik said...

Oy, triple whammy. Plus going back to school. I'm so glad you guys have MLK Jr. Day off. We don't. Why? I don't know. We don't have President's day off either. Everyone wants to be done by April 19th I guess.
The cold is coming our way. I hope your cold is improving and isn't coming our way.
Crazy words from Erin about the southern desert ice. Global Warming is weird.