Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Redux & AWP Preview

Well, I did pretty well this year. 14 of my picks were correct!
I am most proud of choosing Alan Arkin for Supporting Actor, and "Babel" for original score.
I also like that "Little Miss Sunshine" won for best original screenplay. His was probably my favorite acceptance speech. I liked that when he was kid he had actually taken a 600 mile road trip with his family in a VW van with a broken clutch. 600 miles?!? No big surprises other than Arkin. I guess Melissa Ethridge was a surprise, but I can't say I had strong feelings about that category.

In other news, Hightouchmegastore and I depart on Wednesday for parts Southern (and warm, I'm hoping for warm!). In Atlanta we will hob-nob, no doubt, with great writers and those who possess great wit and charm. I'm speaking, of course, of none other than Otterbutt and Terrible Mother. We may see some other people too, who knows, but those are the important ones. Because of my stupid diet (do I seem testy?), I won't get to drink, but I look forward to enjoying their company while eating copious amounts of allowed food (which are those?) and pointing out famous writers.
No one is reading this year that I would want to stalk, but maybe I'll stand in line to give John Barth some kind of testimonial about how "Lost in the Funhouse" changed my life. It did! I swear!

I hope we get to see a movie on the plane. Yeah! Movie!
See you on the flip side. And by flip side I mean later.


ErinAlice said...

Yes I am quite proud of you but I fast forwarded that speech. Oh well. Have fun in land of "Peachtree Lane". Are buffalo wings on your diet cause I ate some great ones there once. Take pics please I want to see someone I'm relating to hob-nobbing with could be famous people. It's about as close as I'm gonna get!! Have fun.

Lisa B. said...

We are going to tear up that town.

Paulk said...

I'm looking forward to being in Atlanta. I haven't been to AWP in a couple of years, and I'm looking forward to catching up with a number of friends. Do stop by the QW table, since I'm going to be stuck there pretty much for the duration.

As for the Oscars, the only big surprise for me was that "Pan's Labrynth" didn't win for Best Foreign Film. Like with Crouching Tiger, there seemed to be a large number of people who thought it should have been nominated for Best Picutre.

Nik said...

Mere hours until we hit sixty degree weather....Of course, when Egg and I get there, the snow will follow. We've got the Charlie Brown cloud going. Or is it Ziggy? Anyway, some bald child-nay-sayer. See you & High Touch in a bit!

middlebrow said...

Meanwhile the household will no doubt cease functioning. Middlebrow and Son will eat burritos and pints of Ben and Jerry's every night and watch a)sitcoms or b)some newly release kids movies (Ant Bully perhaps) or c) both.

The answer C:

As Son said in the car today: "I like it when I'm with Dad. He lets me stay up late."

Counterintuitive said...

Aren't you disappointed that you are missing all the snow we got?

You might consider adding a conference clause to your diet like Mega's book buying conference clause. It seems quite prudent.