Sunday, April 01, 2007

So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright

I've had that song in my head ever since I got back from Spring Break, where I visited Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright's haven in the desert. The development in Scottsdale is so insane that it almost reaches out to the site. But when he bought the land (in 1937) there was no running water, no electricity, no road. He's spinning in his grave!
But the place was gorgeous, and the structures amazing. FLW was way before his time. He would be happy now, with the developments in environmental architecture and what not. But I had a good time. My father and I went on the "Behind the Scenes" tour, which included a snack inside the dining room, and several talks by intimates of FLW. What sticks with me is that FLW said that "architecture is frozen music" (actually I think someone else said it and he was just fond of it) and that architectural fellows used to be asked to bring a musical instrument and a formal outfit. Every once in a while they had big dinners and the fellows provided all the entertainment. That was back in the day when people were well-rounded. Now we just want to be good at one thing.
I'm in a bit of architecture obsession. I'm reading Devil in the White City, which Frank Lloyd Wright appears in, however briefly. The book has a lot of architecture big wigs in it (Olmstead, Sullivan), which I didn't know. Of course it makes sense, but I wasn't aware before I started reading it. The book combines two of my major obsessions: architecture and crime.
My obsession with architecture really has to do with an essay project I'm researching, but not really working on yet. It's called First Person Spaces, and it connects to the stuff I've done before, but I want to do a more sustained project, maybe linked stories and at least one essay.
I appreciate all the comments (two) about my blog silence. I've been busy and tired. Doing what, you might ask. Who knows? So far I know I'm not allergic to wheat, corn or tomatoes. I'm not allergic to decaf coffee. I've snuck in some beer and wine. I also ate three vegan cookies at a potluck and I didn't die. So I guess I'm okay. Slated for this week: oats, yeast, and maybe butter. I'll let you know. I have two boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in the freezer that call to me incessantly. The prognosis is not good.
On the up side, I did run a few times and I'm sore! I've also done yoga. Also sore.
I love you all, my pretties.


theorris said...

Well I only disagree on one point: Frank Lloyd Wright was very much of his own time. He is the spur for much eco-friendly building (despite some of his very un-eco buildings.) You see the idea that a house, or a office, or a church should be ingrained in its environment is not such a newfangled idea after all.

theorris said...

Oh and as to blogging silence: go bid the cannons shoot.

Lisa B. said...

Huh. My comment disappeared. I think. What follows is a reconstruction:

1. It's better to have Dr. Write blogging than not.
2. Cool about the FLW stuff, especially the insider super-deluxe tour. I think we should all bring formal attire and a musical instrument to dept. meetings. I will bring my dulcimer.

Paulk said...

Loved Devil in the White City. I'm waiting for a nonfiction project like that to just take me over. My life would be complete.

susansinclair said...

Blog-guilt defeats the purpose of blogging. Feel only pleasure that others care, and release the pressures. (Oh, lord, I've been reading too much buddhist self-help...)

Nik said...

I liked Devil in the White City too but thought the murder-mystery actually detracted a bit from the more interesting World Fair disasters. Still, I hope the book prepares me for summer project: Against the Day. It begins in 1893 & Chicago. Maybe knowing that is as far as I need to go.
Hope you can return to the regular food world soon. Or at least the girlscout cookies. Of which I bought none!