Wednesday, September 03, 2008

David Byrne!!

If you don't already know it...David Byrne will be playing in Park City on October 11. Apparently, David Byrne wants my email address so he can send me a free music download. Is that okay with me? Yes, yes and yes.
Not many people know it, but David Byrne played a role in the courtship of Dr. Write and Middlebrow. It went something like this, after a poetry reading, at a bar (Archer's, if you must know).
DW: I went running today.
MB: Oh?
DW: Yeah. I like to listen to the Talking Heads when I run.
MB: Really?
DW: Yeah. Not many people still listen to the Talking Heads, but I think they are one of the greatest bands. Ever.
MB: David Byrne is a god.
(They look lovingly into each other's eyes. Their fate sealed.)
Also, in this same conversation, I believe we talked about Molly Peacock (me, proclaiming my admiration for her sonnet "How to Fake an Orgasm") and maybe a few other poets. It was shortly after this conversation that I invited MB over for Thai food, on which he burnt the roof of his mouth. And then began our long (one month) dating-period, during which we did not even kiss. I'm not joking. You can ask Middlebrow, or our friend Gary, about it. They know.
So Middlebrow and I will be enjoying the David Byrne concert. I hope you will too. Drinks in Park City anyone?


Lisa B. said...

I loved the Talking Heads and especially loved them--beyond reason!--after Stop Making Sense, which I saw about a zillion times in the theater, that's how much I loved it. So I will talk to the historian about this concert. I hope he agrees with me that it's a must-see!

Nik said...

Too much fun. And so romantic. I have a deep love for Talking Heads although I had a Little Creatures problem for about 2 years.

P said...

I'm ranking this in top romance blogs I've read. How memorable. The new album is good, hope you have fun at the show. My friends danced to burning down the house at their wedding, but your story takes the cake for byrne romances. Even though I will make Otterbutt squirm, I will mention the pun about burned romances, for which I take the cake :)

P said...

AACK, and I forgot to mention that Nik's Album of Little Creatures was like the coolest thing in her bedroom I was never allowed to touch.

Julie said...

hey, we just might see you there. buying tickets now. glad you posted this. have you heard his new stuff?

ErinAlice said...

Cool. His collaboration with Brian Eno is in Rolling Stone. Pretty neat. Are any of his songs on your best songs of all time?? Burning Down the House? Same as it Ever Was???(Or whatever that song is called).

Condiment said...

Anyone heard the new record? I saw David Byrne a couple of years ago with Arcade Fire. He played a Destiny's Child song as an encore. It was awesome.