Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Levity in These Hard Times

Through a new bloggy friend, I found the most genius invention ever: The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator.
You absolutely must do this.
My name is Geese Whalebone, son is Duct Idaho, and MB is Rifle Panzer, which is my favorite. I think I'm going to call him that. All the time.
Gus is Rust Mustang. This is the hardest I've laughed since Palin was nominated. Maybe there is hope for laughter in our future.
Another reason for hope: A Call to Arms by Anne Lamott. Man is she amazing. I'd be a Christian if I could be like her. But it's not possible. I'm not that funny nor that full of forgiveness. I'm too cynical, and I can't give up wine (not that Christian's have to give up wine, but she's an ex-addict, so my guess is she doesn't drink...)


ErinAlice said...

Okay yes Anne Lamont is amazing. I love her. Here are the names of my family Palin style:

ErinAlice: Comma Liberty
Wayne: Luger Otter
Daughter 1: Chop Meth
Daughter 2: Loin Falcon
Bailey the dog: Package Wichita

Oh my heck!!

Nik said...

Stake Shed for me.
Chase Rooster for egg.
Charcoal Sniper for Z.
I'll trade Wayne one of my nouns for his otter...

lis said...

My name was Pie Gallon which I think it just about perfect for me.

aj said...

I'd be Blitz Harden and the hubby would be Charcoal Piper! Who knew!
Thanks for the laugh on this wild Friday!

Lisa B. said...

I am Nam Guadalupe, which flummoxes me, I confess.