Saturday, October 25, 2008

Instructions for a Saturday

  1. Sleep in. With a 7-year-old, this means about 8. Ish.
  2. Make coffee. Very important.
  3. Make banana muffins.
  4. While the muffins bake, grade a few papers. Let's say 2.
  5. Eat a muffin and drink coffee. Participate in the festivities/argument going on in the living room about Son's inability to name any state and its capitol.
  6. Take the on-line state location quiz. Get a respectable 80%. Ignore husband when he lords his 100% over you.
  7. Take an on-line quiz about European capitols. Get stumped on San Marino, which, it turns out, is the capitol of San Marino, a practically non-existent little dot within Italy.
  8. Grade a few more papers. One? Two?
  9. Fight with son.
  10. Stomp around the house while getting ready to take dog for a hike in off-leash canyon. Guilt son and husband into going with you, even though neither likes hiking or the outdoors. Not even a little.
  11. Hike. Watch dog run about 20 times the distance covered by the humans.
  12. Go out to lunch with family. Sit in the sun. Gorge yourself. Reminisce about the pickles of your youth.
  13. Guilt husband into getting a new drum of propane by saying it seems like a "guy job."
  14. Roast peppers from last week's farmers' market.
  15. While peppers are roasting, read "The Awakening" for your lit class. Ahh! Multitasking!
  16. Make delicious Chile Verde from Otterbutt's husband's recipe.
  17. While it's simmering, grade a few more papers. Two. Three.
  18. Taste the Chile Verde. Damn! That's hot. So. Hot.
  19. Open the wine.
  20. Grade another paper.
  21. Call and sign up for tennis tomorrow.
  22. Cut up some carrots. Eat carrots.
  23. Read The Story of Edgar Sawtelle while waiting for husband and son to get back from movie.
  24. Drink wine.
  25. Add sexy, bald writer of Edgar Sawtelle to your Sexy Bald Men list.
  26. Sit on couch, blog, think about making dinner, drink more wine.
  27. Watch something on TV, then go to bed. Plan on that. Allow for surprise.


Nik said...

A nearly perfect Saturday but for the paper-grading. We made the green chile sauce for people yesterday and right before we served it, they mentioned that at the CSA that we all go to, that they trade their chiles in. They said it was because they didn't know what to do with them but they didn't scarf up the soup (we added more broth and beans and chicken) with proper gusto, we just shook our heads. Some people don't understand the way of the chile verde.

Lisa B. said...

That sounds like a wonderful Saturday, complete with making others feel guilty, good work there! Wish I could have tasted your chile verde. I checked out Edgar Sawtelle from the library, but I didn't get to it and so I had to give it back. But I will get it again.

Renaissance Girl said...

i'm so glad to hear that you fight with Son. i've been worried that Thing 1 is harboring some deep resentments toward me, but it must be the age.

ErinAlice said...

Sounds like a full day. Although mine would definitely have included some self-loathing and kicking myself for not reading MORE ed. theory!!!!! Oh and not fighting with Son, since I don't have one, but definite fighting with daughter/s. Okay maybe not fight but intense talks with large amounts of frustration.