Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reasons to Smile

  1. Listening to Son laugh as he reads Garfield comic book (also, when I look over, he's doing some hand motions and mouthing the words to himself)
  2. Cuddling with Son (he entwines his fingers with mine so I can't get away)
  3. Son trying to get me to fall asleep in his bed by rubbing my forehead and humming
  4. Singing lullabies to Son
  5. Working on a new story while Son watches movies in the hotel room
  6. Taking Son to the ocean
  7. Drinking delicious cinnamon coffee at Mexican restaurant
  8. No rain!! on the wedding day
  9. Finishing the wedding poem
  10. Vacation

1 comment:

ErinAlice said...

I love Garfield, and Calvin and Hobbs. Looking forward to seeing you when we are all doing #10 together in sedona!!!