Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Phase changes create difficulty. The shift, for example, from one side of the Atlantic to the other. Not, perhaps, technically a phase change, but a transition nonetheless.
To ease this transition, I offer these suggestions:
  1. Regular doses of Pimms (pimms, fruit, mint, ice, carbonated lemonade)
  2. Running (the harder the better, more difficult to dwell on ideas, must focus on breathing)
  3. Crossfit (see running)
  4. Hanging out with friends (add wine, food, music, etc.)
  5. Movies (I have yet to do this...but it sounds helpful)
  6. Food (in copious amounts)
  7. Pool (will it stop raining?)
I am following this regimen.


aj said...

sounds like an excellent plan, regardless! Happy running/cross-fitting!

Aligates said...

I find it odd reading is not on your list. When I come back from being out of the country I always go to the library and find a bunch of books that take place in the city I just left. (And this is why there's a really dusty London map in the pile of books near my nightstand!) I'd recommend Ralph's Party by Lisa Jewell and any Maisie Dobbs novels. Or Saturday by Ian McEwan for a more modern experience...

Lisa B. said...

I agree with Aligates' advice. When we got back from Dublin I read every single one of those Dublin detective novels--it helped. I lingered in my nostalgia/melancholy, but it helped.

Also, I think writing about it helps, frankly.

Though I find myself grateful for the rain, I am also now officially a little bit sick of it, so I hope it clears up so you can swim. Putting your head in the water helps with all kinds of ailments.

lis said...

all of these ideas sound good, except for the pool. blah. you should make those brownies. they will definitely help