Monday, February 22, 2010

Movies = Good

I don't really have anything to say (not a good start to a blog post, perhaps), but I needed to get that Death post out of here. On to happier things!
Middlebrow and I, somehow, against all odds, have actually watched a few movies lately, all of them good. "District 9," "Crazy Heart," and "The Class."
We are stuck somewhere, stylistically, between last year and, say, January. But we are catching up. We will never be caught up, but always, somewhere, in the process. The present progressive. The -ing.
Even when movies are bad, they are diverting. But after watching "The Class" last night, Middlebrow made some sweeping generalization that I agreed with, something about seeing movies like "The Class" and being turned off by Hollywood movies. Which is why, I told him, I will never see "Avatar."
Now, I've heard all your reasons, and they have been noted. But, and this is most important, do I really have 3 hours to waste on this movie? The answer, my friends, is no. There are many, many other movies I need to see and books I need to read. So I will be skipping "Avatar."
Middlebrow, however, still plans on seeing it. For "research" purposes or whatever. But that is three hours I could fill otherwise. Like seeing that stupid Leap Year movie. I know, it will be stupid. But do I care? No, I do not.


radagast said...

I used to be such a movie-goer. I would try to at least see all of the Oscar-nominated movies in any given year so that I could then berate or praise the Academy (Damn you, elitists! Adam Sandler passed over yet again?!). Now, not so much. (Oh, sure, I can still mock the red carpet scene . . . what was she thinking--calf-high sandal straps?!) I'm not sure what happened. Maybe I got tired of my experiences with the Great Unwashed at the theater. The hoodlums and thugs. The old couple who always sat right behind me. "What'd he say?" "WHO killed her?" "Have you spilled Sprite in your lap or sprung a leak?" At any rate, I think the only nominated film I've seen this year is "Up," and that only in fits and starts while chasing my grandsons. Or maybe I've just become incuriouser and incuriouser.

Lisa B. said...

A. I loved The Class and would so love to discuss it with you!

B. Leap Year . . . is set in Ireland. IRELAND. I think you know what that means.

C. I'm not sorry I saw Avatar, but it didn't make my heart sing.

D. I still heart the movies. Categorically.

Nik said...

I shall too not see Avatar. Until I do. You know how those movies sneak up and appear on your screen.
I'm still catching up on last year's movies. Maybe next year.

Dr. Write said...

Radagast: This is why we don't see movies at Century 16 anymore. Middlebrow calls them the unwashed masses. It's not that we don't love them, we just don't want them talking through our movie!! So yes, I agree with you there. But I fantasize about a time when I can just go see a movie, whenever, without planning.

Middlebrow said...

Someone like me would never, I say never, make sweeping generalizations. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm well-known by friends as colleagues as rarely hazarding claims of any kind, general or specific.

radagast said...

Wouldst add my blog to your list? Husker-Du at

Antistrophe said...

We're about 4 years behind. Maybe next decade we shall catch up.

Counterintuitive said...

1. I too recently wrote a post just to send an earlier negative post on its way

2. watched district 9 on MB's recommendation--my son and I loved it. The wife would have nothing to do with so much gore and guts.

3. I'm unsure if I'm still glad I saw Avatar--creates a bit of angst when I think of those 3 hrs. will have to tack up as "research" in to the SF genre.