Wednesday, April 28, 2010

End of the Semester Musings

Apparently the last day of classes, or what I like to call "surf the internet while students turn in final projects" day, leaves me way too much time to think and watch videos of Crossfit exercises on-line.
Some of my musings:
  • If I were going to get a tattoo, what would it be?
  • How long will it take me to get my kipping pull-up back?
  • Why are chocolate donuts so delicious?
  • Why am I so hungry?
  • Why do students seem so surprised by their not-passing grades?
  • Will my hallmate ever stop whistling or will I have to stab him in the throat with a plastic fork?
  • What should my Crossfit nickname be? (I'm thinking "Biyotch!")
  • Why are vegetable serving sizes so small (1 serving of lettuce = 3 g of carbs? I think not!) and all other serving sizes so big (20 oz sodas?)?
  • Will students ever learn the differences between it's/its and their/there/they're?
  • How long does one have to stare at a "final project" before it is considered graded?
Feel free to post your own musings and potential answers to comments. 


Antistrophe said...

Why do I have so many emails in my inbox? I better delete those.

Why is my desk so messy. I better clean it.

I wonder what my friends are blogging about? I better check that.

I think I hate my hair. I better cut and color it NOW.

Why don't I have any good spring shoes? I should buy some.

Why do we have grass in our stupid, awkward backyard? Would it not be better to remove the grass and plant vegetables instead? I better start tearing up the yard.

Lisa B. said...

how many more hours will I wait in the waiting room, as it were, of my online course for students to show up to their "appointments"?

will my new haircut be cute, and will it be relevant to finishing the semester, specifically the grading?

when will be the first day I can sleep for ten hours, aka what I--not coincidentally--imagine will be "let the healing begin" day?

when can I clean up . . . well, everything?

Dr. Write said...

Very good additions, Antistrophe.

Dr. Write said...

Yes, Lisa B. Sleep!
And the interminable waiting. And waiting.

lis said...

my turn!

is my new haircut cute or frumptacular? will I ever get a good haircut in Ottawa? is a hairstylist a good reason to move back to salt lake?

have I been a terrible teacher this semester? do I care, given that I birthed a baby?

do I really want to get a PhD? I could quit now and not have to finish this paper. but the paper's awesome, all about math, crochet, feminism, and visual semiotics. will anyone but me think it's awesome?

is my baby crazy?

could this be the semester where I just give everyone a b? oh wait, that's every semester