Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If This is Summer, I Must be Happy

What is going on? Absolutely nothing!
My daily schedule includes cooking meat (three kinds today, oh wait, make that 4), eating, working out (two times), trying to submit writing (on-line) and only submitting two things before deciding that it's hard and time consuming, culling through books and dividing them into piles: give away, home office, school office and What book is this? Who brought this into the house?
Also: cleaning the tub (isn't that someone else's job?), worrying (definitely my job) and trying not to obsess (about selling the house, not writing, running).
I somewhat successfully freed my run by running without music or a watch. I had a sort of route which went to a friend's place of work (running store) and back in a kind of loop that I thought was probably about 3 miles. It was more and I know this because though I "freed" my run from accessories I can't not know what I ran even if I don't know how long it took me. So I mapped it. But it was mostly free from obsession, so that's good.
As I was trying to submit stuff on-line I thought: who will even read it, even if one of these places takes it? It was my stab at not caring, because I forget to submit stuff. I don't think I've submitted stuff since the fall.
But it's sunny! Welcome summer! Please stay for more than one day!


Nik said...

By music length is also how I measure runs. But I run slow so thirty minutes on my iPod means about 30 feet, at least when I map it.
I'm so glad it's not snowing today. A sign of summer I'm sure!
I'm also so glad you blogged. Yay for summer blogging, writing, submitting, running, eating, and, it looks like for some of us, cleaning.

Lisa B. said...

I loved the bright sun and the warmth today--and I love that you posted! I say let's all post up a storm and let's free up everything--absolutely everything. I hope there's some movie-going in your summer, too.

Counterintuitive said...

Your comments about running reminded me of a little ditty I published in an ultramarathoning magazine (circulation like 134) called the delicious details of obsession where I outline the obsession involved in a day in the life of me running--the weather, pre-run eating, split times, mile pace etc.

I miss the delicious details of running--thanks for the vicarious experience and ensuing nostalgia.