Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sorry, and Shame and Anxiety

Holy Hell! I haven't blogged in months. Thanks, Nik & Hightouch, for bringing me to my senses.
Like others, I am caught up in the dread of the academic year. I have so much to do, that instead I look at Facebook for hours, not really "doing" anything, but more like, looking, staring off into space, thinking, remembering way back in May when I anticipated this moment when it came to me that the summer was, really and truly, almost over.
So I've been working on those fucking syllabi, and drinking wine, and trying to eat sensibly, and meanwhile driving around hell and back to get new plates for the new car (yes, we bought a new car) and then a new parking sticker and then to Costco for vegetables and meat (so much meat!) and then home to make salmon for dinner and to play Apples to Apples with son and then drink wine while I did five weeks of my syllabus only to discover that the semester which has not yet begun is not moving fast enough.
Is it Fall Break yet?


Lisa B. said...

>>the semester which has not yet begun is not moving fast enough

OMG I think you're dreaming, like in Inception! Time to wake up! It's only June!

AJ said...

replacement or additional car? And sorry--as someone that works all year long, without a nice summer off, sympahthy is low. But then I dont' have to grade papers either....