Saturday, August 07, 2010

Look! I'm blogging!

Now that I have decided that my goal is imperfection, I'm back on the 500 words a day plan. It also involves ice cream bars, neighborhood walks, driving around, expensive cheese, and not really cooking dinner.
So far, I feel pretty successful, the goal being imperfection. Also, my glutes hurt. Yes, that's a fancy word for butt.


Lisa B. said...

I am in favor of this new plan of yours. In fact, I too am onto the goal of imperfection. It involves late afternoon naps and fashion magazines. I will borrow your 500 words action, if I may.

I am also very much in favor of your blogging. I cannot say just how much happier I feel, seeing that there's a new post from you.

Nik said...

Cheers and bravo to this new plan. And the plan toward imperfection. That is where I live. Come live with me!

Suzi Q said...

At last, a blog post! No seriously, you are one of my procrastination channels and of late, I have had to make do with perusing sugar-free recipe websites.
So glad you are back at it.
Wabi sabi!