Sunday, February 06, 2011

Things missing from my house

  1. That nice lady. You know, the one who comes and brings you clean towels and empties the trash and changes the sheets. You know, the one who does, basically, all the things you don't want to do.
  2. Loads and loads of people. Most of whom you don't know.
  3. Lots of books. I have a lot of books, but they would fit in like, 10 boxes. They would not, for example, fill up those many rooms in the basement or maybe not the basement of the Marriott.
  4. That sweater. That I lost one night and found the next day, right where I lost it. And then I lost it again. And didn't find it. (Maybe it's with Nicole's hat? In the AWP museum of lost things? Because it was in DC and apparently, there? There's a museum for everything.)
  5. Hightouchmegastore. And that's sad, because she's a good roommate. But she's a little sick and she probably missed The Historian and also her child/ren. But if she wanted to, I would let her live in my cold basement. 
  6. Any sense that tomorrow is Monday and therefore a work day, that is, a day on work must be done. Because, basically I sat around all day feeling tired, doing laundry, and letting the interwebs eat what is left of my brain. 
  7. Terrance Hayes. He, also, could live in my basement. Or wherever.
  8. Sleep. But it will not elude me for long.
  9. Tapas. I ate at the most excellent tapas bar in DC. I want the tapas people to be my live-in personal chefs. 
  10. Absurdistan. I heard Gary Shteyngart read on Saturday night and he's like, totally fucking hilarious and I thought, oh, Middlebrow read that book and loved it, I'll read it when I get home. But he gave it to his BFF because, apparently, if MB likes a book and you don't jump on it immediately slathering like a hungry daschund, then he sulks and is all like, you don't like what I like, and then he gives the thing he likes away so that, eventually, when you decide you do like it, he can be all like, oh, I said you would like it, but no, you didn't take my word for it, you had to talk to Shteyngart himself and then you're all, oh, he's funny, give me the book. So, in other words, I'm going to have to get my own copy. 


ErinAlice said...

I love that nice lady.

Lisa B. said...

The lady! the books! your sweater! the tapas!

I missed all the people you named--historian, children--but now that I'm home and there's, like, literally a thousand things I need to pay attention to and/or worry about, I kind of miss that hotel room. Also, that may be because I am (still!) sick.

MB moves fast on these things. It's an undeniable truth. If he offers you a book you better just grab it and put it in your cold basement where you can contemplate at your leisure whether you *really* want it.

Lisa B. said...

wait--it just occurred to me that Terrence Hayes could be living in your cold basement WITH me? Please confirm/deny, as it will have some bearing upon my decision.

Aligates said...

Would Terrance Hayes loan his books though? Would he think all the books in the basement were his? Maybe you're better off with Middlebrow, because at least he does read. BTW: See if you can find that scholarship app I've misplaced and my old book on needlework ironically named "The Needleworker's Constant Companion." They're missing, too.

MD Life said...

I like that nice lady...
She is Good...
Thank You..