Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Can't Possibly Rank My Favorite Female Comedians

So here they are, in no order, but a list nonetheless.

  • Since this whole notion was brought on by my recent viewing of "Bridesmaids" (why did I wait so long to see it? Why? I could have seen it, like, 10 times by now!): Kristen Wiig. So many favorite clips to choose from. But this one was a favorite for a long time. For awhile, Son would say, "Did somebody say baby?"
  • Tina Fey: Okay, this one is obvious. It's difficult to pick just one reason why she's so amazing. But this clip from SNL shows it all. She's a great writer & just funny. Also, why hasn't she made more movies with
  • Amy Poehler: Doesn't get enough credit for how crazy funny she is. But this HIGH-larious clip shows her stuff. Also, Parks & Recreation is rapidly becoming my favorite show. 
  • Maria Bamford: She's not just on Target commercials, oh no, she also refers to Target in some of her jokes. But, just watch for yourself. This is one of her jokes. 
  • Rachel Feinstein
  • Melissa McCarthy (I can't find any comedy clips). But she is SO FUNNY!
  • If we're going old school: Jane Curtain, Gilda Radner, Madeline Kahn.

There are others. I just can't remember their names.

Who have I (inadvertently) left out?


Lisa B. said...

Have you read Bossypants yet, all the way through? Because it is genius and contains a small anecdote that will make you love Amy Poehler even more, if that were possible, as I entirely agree with you. It took me awhile to come around to her. But I adore her, and she is completely wonderful on Parks and Recreation.

I still love and admire Roseanne Barr, but also am a little bit afraid of her. Wanda Sykes? Great. If we're talking comedic actresses, Joan Cusack cannot be beat.

So glad you saw Bridesmaids! It is so choice, is it not.

radagast said...

I like Paula Poundstone, especially on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me. And, yep, Tina and Amy. I loved that skit that Amy did on SNL several times where she played a hyperactive young girl who talked incessantly, ran in circles, etc. There was a sweetness to those.
BTW, did 30 Rock really jump the shark, last season, or was it just me?

Dr Write said...

Oh yes, Paula Poundstone! I've always loved her. I still like "30 Rock" but P&R won me over last my answer to your question is...maybe?

Steve Fellner said...

Sandra Bernhardt.

Condiment said...

Judy Tenuda.