Friday, June 10, 2011

What HAVE I been doing?

Every day feels packed with activity, but when I look back and reflect on what I have done the past month....umm.....what?
Plus Hightouch blogs the list with such linguistic proficiency, I thought I'd just do the list, because you know, it's a list.
1.     So I guess I've been working on a novel, off and on, for almost 2 months and I haven't yet reached the 50,000 word mark, but, hey, I'm giving myself...more time.
2.     We went to Boulder, Utah for the long weekend (remember that long weekend?). We stayed at Boulder Mountain Ranch (highly recommended), went to our favorite coffee place (Kiva Koffeehouse), saw some slot canyons (I'm too much of a baby (claustrophobic) to actually go in them, but most others did), ate some bacon, went to an architect's cool house & had ribs (yum!!), did a hike, then drove home in a rain/hail storm (what?!).
3.     Reading: a disappointing Icelandic mystery (not by my beloved), a few good books (Rae's new book; I Think I Love You; Ross MacDonald; Box of Matches); the newspaper, etc.
4.     Eating and Drinking: I like wine and I think summer is made for drinking.
5.     Started an eating/exercising challenge:  because I thought I needed to start drinking less and doing other things more, like taking daily walks, stretching, and making sure I ate enough. So far, mixed results. I probably do drink less, over all, but on a few days I still drank a lot (I blame my wine friends), and I can never quite eat the right amount of blocks (Zone alert!). But, I have been pretty active and I am stretching...more.
6.     Started running again: two runs. That's a start.
7.     Had my body fat tested. Ask me what my body fat percentage is. Go ahead, ask me.
8.     Crossfit. This goes without saying. 
9.     Submitted one essay to one place. Again, it's a start.
10. Hey, I finally organized the Crossfit Women Trainers get together. That's something.
11. I did some (very little!) yard work.
12. I've cleaned my house a gajillion times for people who want to come look at our house, which is for sale.
13. Finally trying to do some personal maintenance: brows. Today a haircut, tomorrow a pedicure. Progress!
14. Swimming: once, but still.
15. Independent study with 3 students: this is only one hour a week, but still, somehow, it feels like more.
16. Staring into space: I'm good at this.
17. Ushering Son through his last days of school: this seems like it would be easy, but involved a lot more driving around than expected.
18. Baseball: Son has like 12 games a week (exaggeration!) plus practice, so I have to sit and talk to my friends while he makes excellent plays at first (go Son!), which is, you know, super taxing.
19. Cooking things that really take no cooking: like carrot sticks and tuna.
20. I saw a movie!
21. I told Son he could have a sleepover, so now I'm preparing for that: buying lots of vodka for self-medication.  


Lisa B. said...

What with all that Crossfit and running and stretching and trainer get-togethers, you sounded so strong, and yet you succumbed to what can only have been a moment of weakness. A sleepover? That is God's own wrath, coming down on you in the form of sleepless elementary school kids in your home. Gaa! It's all coming back to me. I wish you luck, I wish you health, I wish you the strength to sleep through shenanigans. Because shenanigans there will be.

[I love your list. More of them! More!]

Nik said...

Busy woman. That last week of kid-driving around almost killed me. I'm glad to hear you survived. Also, this independent study--too sweet. In the summer? You are a teaching angel with some low percentage of body fat--which I am not going to ask about--who is writing and crossfitting her butt off. That sounds like a good summer to me.

Counterintuitive said...

whoa lots!

p.s. I didn't know there existed bad Icelandic mystery writers.