Friday, December 07, 2012

Because I can't stand to disappoint...

So Blogger won't let me link in the title, which is disappointing, to say the least.
Listen, HTMS, my only reader, my life is so boring, that I don't want to disappoint you either by not blogging or by blogging in such a boring way you wish, in fact, that I had not blogged.
So, to whit, to continue: This morning as I was reading Anna Karenina (is that pretentious? to announce to the world, hey! I'm reading this 817 page monolith?), I couldn't help but wonder if I could actually make it through the book what with the

            1. Grading
            2. Christmas decorating (tree. wreath? inside lights? plaques which proclaim family rules including admonitions to love more and to say please and thank you? Reindeer antlers for the dog? (yes!))
            3. Planning of Christmas food & cookies & cocktails
            4. Making of above
            5. Movies? Movies!
            6. Reading? I guess...
            7. Planning of classes for next semester? (this is in desperate need of being done, but honestly, eww!)
 things I have to do and think about when I'm not doing...You understand.
In any case, it only took me, like, 4 days to do this, so maybe I can blog more this month, so as to fulfill one of your Christmas wishes.
My pleasure.

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Lisa B. said...

a. thank you thank you!
b. Blogger has several ideas about what it will and won't allow. Blogger is bossy.
c. your life is in no way boring! because you are not boring. I would be happy to hear about what you eat every day, because it seems kind of exotic to me.
d. About all the things to be done: I hear you. (and I am not planning for next semester, not yet anyway. I am maybe making a couple of notes about next semester, but that is all.)
e. I am filled with inexpressible joy about this fulfillment of a Christmas wish. Inexpressible. JOY.