Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Dog: The Interview

Me: Gus, why are you neurotic?
Gus: (staring intently into my eyes) Bark!

Me: But I took you to the park? Remember? Snow? Birds?
Gus: (tilting his head from side to side as if listening to music in the distance) urwr?

Me: Why don't you lay down and stop pacing the living room?
Gus: (appears not to understand the question)

Gus: Bark! bark! Bark!
Me: But I already fed you and took you outside.

Me: Gus, what is it you want?
Gus: (responds by backing into the space between my knee and the couch)

Me: Gus, could you kindly relax?
Gus: (takes the opportunity to leave the room)

I have learned much from Gus, the German Shorthaired Pointer, but not the answer to any of my very practical questions. Except, the question What do you like? the answer to which is Everything that fits in my mouth.


Ann said...

Much wagging of tails commenced when I read this to my dogs. Well-played, Dr. W.

Lisa B. said...

Gus is a superb interlocutor. "Urwr": truer words were never spoken.

Kevin Taylor said...

That was a really fun interview!! He's so funny! he has this 'nasty' personality xD so random To see more info please visit