Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm Foxy!

I thought I'd take a break from boring academics to alert you all to a new development in my existence: I'm foxy! This according to a few drunk men at a party I went to Friday night. Before the party, two different women said I looked like I had lost "a lot of weight." One even asked if I was sick. Should I feel flattered?
Then at the party, a few people were staring at me in such a way to make me feel self-conscious. Like, do I have green salsa all over my chest?
I think that I may have looked thinner because I had my hair pulled back. Plus, I was sick for about two days right before the party, so I may have appeared thin/sick.
But it was just a weird experience for me. I mean, I trained for a half-marathon all summer and, as far as I could tell, I didn't lose a pound. Then I stopped running.
And suddenly I'm FOXY!
Go figure.
I think this means I can drink all the beer I want in Milwaukee.


Lisa B. said...

1. Foxy is a state of mind.
2. Don't you hate that "have you been sick?" equation with thinness? I remember having been ill for like two weeks once in high school and totally revelling in my thinness. Now, that's sick.
3. Drink up in Milwaukee! I love that town, and one of my favorite art museums ever (I may have already told you this, sorry) is there. I hope you get a chance to go see it.

Sleepy E said...

It's interesting how "sick" and "foxy" are synonymous these days. It's like "dance" & "f***" in pop songs. On a side note, I'm noticing there is a backlash against the sick girl aesthetic in the tabloids and they are congratulating Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson for putting on fifteen pounds. "Healthy!" it says in glowing type. So in the lowest of low journalism one finds redemption.

I had a dream about Lindsay last night. We talked about her music videos. She was nice.

Dr. Write said...

I'm going to Milwaukee with my Fine Arts friend, so I am sure we will make it to the museum. Plus she promised to take me to all the pubs. So maybe I can put on those much needed 15 pounds.

susansinclair said...

Your foxiness has nothing to do with weight loss, and everything to do with attitude. Let's call it foxitude, that I'm-smart-but-I-like-a-good-beer-and-I'm-a writer thing ya got goin' on.


rachel said...

I too noticed on Friday you looked thinner, but I've always thought you were foxy, so there.

Sleepy e, I saw that tabloid photo, and I still thought Lindsay Lohan looked too damn skinny!