Wednesday, November 09, 2005


So I'm off to the midwest! Wish me luck in procuring foodables that are not 90% dairy!

Actually, I don't leave until tomorrow, but since I will be spending my last 24 hours stateside doing such things as packing, consoling Son, and finishing my paper (this is how it's done, I've been assured; at least I won't be revising in the hotel lobby), I decided to say good-bye today. Here's a list of tasks I hope to accomplish in Milwaukee:
  1. Drink a filthy martini in the swanky bar, Blu, on the 23rd floor of the convention hotel.
  2. Find the brewery where Laverne and Shirley worked.
  3. Get a sweater with a big Laverne style "L" on the chest.
  4. Drink some beer.
  5. Go to the Art Museum with my Fine Art friend (FAF).
  6. Read a trashy novel on the way to and perhaps during and on the way back from the convention.
  7. Eat something I probably shouldn't be eating, like bleu cheese mashed potatoes. Or maybe some garlic fries?
  8. Visit a couple pubs. My FAF assures me she can get the password to an exclusive pub which she also assures me will be like all the other non-exclusive pubs: dark, serving beer, maybe a little creepy.
  9. Work out two days in a row (must investigate hotel work out facilities. Avoid Lis's tragedy with the treadmill).
  10. Sleep? Maybe.


Nik said...

Good luck! I hope you've spent some time learning ALL the lyrics to the L & S song--especially the yiddish parts. Schlemiel, Schlamazal, Hossencrantz Incorporated......

Sleepy E said...

How are things going?

theorris said...

Martini? What about milk and pepsi?