Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Son, the Rock Star

Monday evening, when MB was out at his basketball game, Son and I turned the living room into a performance space. I was the drummer, clanging two beaters (from the electric mixer) together while Son sang into another beater, while gesturing wildly and doing some dance moves I've not seen before.

A sampling of Son's lyrics:

The house and it's covered with black
The sky is full of black
The carrot that you eat
The bunny-rabbit that you are
Wallace and Grommit!!!!!
You lied!

Imagine these screamed out in a rock star way, and you've got it. Son had some great hand motions as well, a behind the back, over the head, grasping fist/hand gesture that I'm sure will be famous some day.

I think it's time to start guitar lessons.


Lisa B. said...

The first line reminds me of "paint it black," but then it reminds me of the crazy songs in "Enormous Changes at the Last Minute," that great Grace Paley story. Either way, Son is destined to be a legend, it's clear.

Dr. Write said...

Yes, when he started with the "black" theme, I remembered one time in the car when "Paint it Black" came on. I started to change the station and Son screamed from the back seat, "No! I like that one." Can't argue with that.