Friday, February 17, 2006

Conversations with Son

Perhaps it is his impending birthday (the big five), but Son has begun considering the practical aspects of existence lately.

Son: Mom, do I have to have a job?
Me: Well, most adults have jobs because they have to pay for things, like rent and food.
Son: Why don't some people have jobs?
Me: Well, sometimes people can't find jobs, or they quit their jobs, or they aren't working for other reasons.
Son: What's another possibility?

(later, when I was tucking him in bed)

Son: Mom, when I'm older, I might have to quit my job.
Me: Why?
Son: I might, I might.


Son: When I'm a pilot, I'm going to have a mustache, because it makes you look like a real pilot, like on the cartoons.


Nik said...

Happy Birthday young son (I know, it was yesterday. I missed it.) I, too, when I grow up, plan to quit my job.

Sleepy E said...

Happy Birthday to the Rossman. Now is a good time to start him learning his post moves and footwork.

spiral said...

I love small child-ese like this; I should post some of the things my nephew says.