Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rock AND Roll

I know I'm getting old, because watching the Grammy's last night I found myself thinking something like "kids these days." This was in response to the ridiculous marching band performance with Kayne West and Jamie Foxx.
In contrast, Sir Paul McCartney's performance of "Helter Skelter" gave me goosebumps, as did Springsteen's "Devil & Dust" which he ended with a mumbled, "Bring 'em home." I was impressed by Kelly Clarkson's voice, though her song was a prom theme waiting for the prom.
And though Sleepy E claims Mariah is a real person, I've never been a fan of her music, so I can't say I'm sad she didn't win.
But I'm continually impressed by U2, whom I fell in love with way back in the '80s, when they were political. I still love them. How can you not love Bono and a man named The Edge?
I'm looking forward to catching up on "American Idol." I now feel like part of the mainstream, as American Idol is always in the top ten of the Nielsen ratings. Plus I saw that Paula Abdul is going to be on a Dr. Phil special, and since I'm following "American Idol" I feel like I should care. The commercial showed Paula crying. That seems good!


Ron said...

I wish I had seen McCartney's "helter skelter." I had a Beatles' 45 record of Helter Skelter in the 5th grade. I loved it, loved the music but probably most liked it for its connection to Charles Manson.

Lisa B. said...

I have never once, to my memory, watched the Grammys. I told myself I was gonna this year, because once in the last year or two, Prince performed and electrified the joint, but no--there was a blockbuster lineup of L&O: CI on, and there were drafts to read. I even forgot I was going to watch them.

Ditto your sentiments on Mariah C. An alarmingly gifted singer with basically bad taste just does nothing for me (cf. Whitney Houston most of the time and also Cristina Aguilera most of the time).

I love KanYe West, though, and would have liked to have seen the marching band. One of my favorite oddball songs of yore was the Fleetwood Mac "Tusk," which involved the USC Marching Band. Boo ya!

jrpslcc said...
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theorris said...

Oh my, a delete comment!

I, like lisa b. have never seen the Grammys and never will. I despise awards and award shows as I despise Montagues. I do indeed bite my thumb. Man I have way too much Shakespeare going on right now.

Paulk said...

I couldn't stop smiling during Paul's version of "Helter Skelter." First, he's never performed at the Grammys. That was shocking enough. I do believe that the Beatles only won one Grammy in their entire career, and that was for "Michelle," so it's easy to see this as a big "up yours" to the establishment.

Marcia pegged Kelly from the very early stages of the first ever American Idol, and we've been high on her ever since. I love her voice, but her album just seemed way too young for me, and meant for someone who really isn't me. But I'm happy for her nonetheless. (That song was, I believe, written by her when she was sixteen, so I think you've nailed it.)

Oh, and I hated Carrie Underwood (or, rather, she was one big yawnfest), so I'm unlikely to tune in again this year.

middlebrow said...

Theorris, are there any Shakespeare plays that could be translated into the form of an award show?

Sleepy E said...

Having worked on the KClarkson "Since U Been Gone" MV (didn't Prince start the whole abbreviation fetish of "you" and "to"? 2 Cool 2 B 4 Gotten?), the rumor is that some Nordic evil genius writes all of the music for Kelly Clarkson, Britney, Lindsay Lohan and some others. Apparently he just hangs out and ghostwrites hits for these girls. I think Kelly might write her own lyrics, but LL doesn't.

Sleepy E said...

Here is a dialogue from my last year in university, when I was taking a theater class:

E: Do the Tonys actually matter?
Actor: What do you mean?
E: Do the Tonys actually matter?
Actor: They are the highest award in theater!
E: Yeah, but are they like the Grammys or do they actually matter?
Actor: Yes, like the Grammys are for music, the Tonys are the highest award in theater!

E pauses and thinks, then walks away.

Dr. Write said...

I think "Love Monkey" stole that rumor and worked it into the dialogue about a teen queen and how some old guy writes her music. So some old guy is the evil genius of the prom theme? Can we rouse a posse to kill him?

theorris said...

Mid B: Julius Caesar.

middlebrow said...

Theorris: Yes! Coming to the Grand Theater?