Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This Saturday, when the sun was shining, I went to buy some new running shoes. The salesman had me run across some special pad, and then I got to see a heat image of my foot. I thought I would have some big time foot issues, but as it turns out, I'm "neutral." So I tried on maybe six or eight pairs of shoes, but settled on the Mizuno because they fit perfectly. Turns out also, my left foot is a full size smaller than my right. I'm a freak!
When I was trying on maybe my fourth or fifth pair, my heart started racing and I got a little shaky. "I feel like a drug addict," I said to the salesman. He just smiled. He'd obviously seen and heard it all before. I felt like I was making my connection, spending my hard earned money for a jones.
But hey, at least it's healthy.
For now.


Lisa B. said...

I had the experience of going with my son the runner to be fitted at a high tech running shoe outfit such as the one you describe (also "neutral"). I felt I was in a foreign land--Runlandia. Go, Dr. Write! Go! Run like the wind!

val said...

Well, I'm sad to say I have never been to this Runlandia. Nor will I ever, probably.

I hope it makes you run with less pain than I get when I run... but then again, I only do that when being chased by rabid beasts.