Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Ten Cents

Top Ten Reasons "Brokeback Mountain" Should Have Won Best Picture

  1. Jake Gyllenhal (that's reason enough on its own. Don't believe me? See "Donny Darko")
  2. The contrast between emotional desolation and the painful beauty of the landscape
  3. "I wish I could quit you" has already become part of our cultural vocabulary
  4. It's based on a short story! C'mon people!
  5. Alberta = Wyoming. It's international!
  6. It's subtler than a sledgehammer to the cranium
  7. Heath Ledger
  8. Ang Lee (let's hear it for the guy who said "gay mens and women")
  9. The haunting score
  10. From now on, men will not be able to go fishing with their buddies without their wives raising an eyebrow


Lisa B. said...

11. The shirt-hugging scene at the end, which gives credence to my own attachment to such artifacts of the beloved (have I revealed too much?).

12. The fact that Arianna Huffington, in her interview on the Colbert Report, proposed to Mr. Colbert that he and Al Franken get together in "a sort of political Brokeback Mountain"

susansinclair said...

13. Crash, while entertaining, has a lot of problems. A lot. And this from someone who bought it at Le Target yesterday and is seriously considering it in a classroom in future.

lis said...

14. This gem of dialogue: "Jack Twist? Jack Nasty."

Counterintuitive said...

I'd add 15 but I haven't seen it yet. I will say that Ang Lee range amazes me and all that range in his non-native tongue. He's brilliant.