Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Playlist/ Summer Update

One thing I forgot to mention in my half-marathon post: What was on my iPod. I decided against over management, and just made a playlist that would see me through: 3 hours. I thought if I wasn't done by then, I'd probably being laying on the side of the road letting a fireman revive me.
So I loaded up: all the Beck, some DuranDuran, some Everything But the Girl, some Depeche Mode, My 3 New Songs, some Black-Eyed Peas, "Inside and Out" by Feist, 7 Year Bitch, Aha, Aimee Mann, Madonna, Nirvana, Talking Heads, Techtronic (pump up the jam, pump it up), Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, and a new (free!) song by Corinne Bailey Rae (?).
But honestly, I have to say that for most of the run I was oblivious to the music. Once in awhile, like when I was running down 21st South, I would tune in to the music (It was "Pretty Vegas") and feel better and then tune it out again.
I have to say, however, that when "Inside and Out" by Feist came on, I was in the middle of Hell (remember? State Street?) and it felt like a cool breeze. So I was glad to have it. But I was glad I didn't overthink the order and that I let shuffle take over.
Let go, let iPod, that's what I say.
In other news, Son and I are on a Pool jag. He insists on going every day, though he's working on his first, ever, sunburn. I bought him a "protective shirt" today, so if I can get him to wear it, I think we'll be in business. This is my plan for the whole summer: write in the morning, pool in the afternoon. So far (one day) it's working. I wrote six pages yesterday, but nothing today (today is MBs school day, so that's my excuse). I'll have to average my page count over six days (we all take the Lord's Day off, right?), but hopefully it will work out. My summer writing group insists on a 20 page per week count when we meet on Thursdays, or no beer for you! We have to give ourselves incentives.
I'm going to try to write one page right now, while Son shrieks and uses some incredibly irritating Bob the Builder Cell Phone Book. We'll see how it goes.


Lisa B. said...

Let go, let iPod is hilarious.

I have let go of the idea of having a soundtrack for exercise. Of course, I'm not exercising so much, either, so there's that. I'm often glad to have my own thoughts without accompaniment. I think, though, that 26.2 miles of thoughts like "I hate this, I hate this, I want to die" would probably be too much.

Do I need an iPod? I helped my son buy one (gave him matching funds, basically), and naively asked him if I could use his sometimes. He looked at me like I was crazy. Crazy iPod-less mother.

Nik said...

I too let iPod iPod for me. As for Lisa B's borrowing instinct: I love that Egg got his iPod before mine. He put all this crazy music on I never would have. Now my iPod, that automatically updated from Egg's iTunes, is a surprise instead of a constant reminder of my own (very) limited taste. If you borrow your son's (OK, it could happen) you'd be very surprised too.

Sleepy E said...

My iPod took a crap about 2 months ago and the cost to replace the hard drive is about equal to the cost of buying a new one. It's been interesting to see how dependent I was on the thing. Now I've been listening to local radio and silence a lot more.

But on my computer, these days is: new Depeche Mode, very old Aimee Mann, new Gomez, new Muse, new Goldfrapp, and the very ambient soundtrack from Soderberg's underrated remake of Solaris.

theorris said...

lb: Using someone else's iPod is like using someone else's chapstick: it is possible but the thought makes one physically ill.