Monday, June 12, 2006

Red Butte Garden Concert Series: Part Del McCoury Band

On Sunday, Middlebrow and I were indoctrinated into the local phenom known as the Red Butte Concert Series. The band was not one we knew, but we like Bluegrass, so what the heck! The opening was great: Old Crow Medicine Show. Very good. Nice accents. The whole package. Here is Middlebrow snacking on some homemade Chicken Curry Salad and a beer.
Here are our woefully overexposed lower parts. It was bleeping hot when we left the safety of our home, thinking, hey, it will be fine if we get there right when the gates open at 5:30. No problemo.
Here is the stage, empty, with the people in front of us. We didn't care if we could actually see (we could) or what we saw (a lot of people, only two or so we recognized). The show was great. And I had to make only one trip to the car: for a blanket. Necessary. It was cold up there!

Lessons learned for next time:
People get to these concerts way too bleeping early. For John Hiatt: be content with mediocre seats. Woman in front of us in line recounted story about sitting in line at 8 in the morning for Chris Isaak. Who do we love enough to queue up at 8 a.m.? No one.
Bring more beer.
Pants are good.
Blankets are good.
Work on bladder control, as we do not want to spend latter portions of concert in port-a-potty line.
Cookies are good, but run out too early in show.
Engage babysitter and tell him/her will be home way past 10.
Don't bring too much food.
Fleece may be necesary.
Above all, be ready to have faith in humanity restored. Nothing lifts the spirits like a bluegrass version of Robert Cray's "Smoking Gun."
Many people, children included, can have fun and picnics in relatively limited space.
Wine and beer help people get along.
Be glad, after all, that you never succumbed to the desire for a tatoo.
Contentment is readily available; when at the Red Butte Garden listening to music, one can think of a multitude of reasons to be happy. Posted by Picasa


theorris said...



I was telling Middlebrow that the guy on KRCL who plays bluegrass for 19 hours on Sunday has driven me to hate anything bluegrass.

Red Butte can be fun, however. It can also be overcrowded and the personnel facistic.

Lisa B. said...

The whole Red Butte thing seems like a freaking ordeal, and I hate ordeals. I do, however, love John Hiatt. And isn't Suzanne Vega coming there, maybe? I also love her. Your concert sounds like it was way fun.

Sleepy E said...

Every day I am glad that I never succumbed to the desire to get a tattoo. Every day I am reminded why.