Thursday, June 22, 2006

Writers at Work: Day 4

I've been too busy to post. And too busy to sleep. I'm averaging 6 hours a night. It's not good, I've had to resort to REAL coffee.
All the editors and agents and faculty are great, and quiet. No real problems.
The readings have been great. My favorites so far: Ralph Berry read his story "'bus"; Bruce's poetry reading; the fellowship winners reading with the judges (we've brought them out of their afternoon ghetto!); Cheryl Strayed's reading.
Have I mentioned how nice everyone is?

I went hiking with Ralph, Jesse Lee, Janet, Dave, and Jenny yesterday at Millcreek. It was fantastic, beautiful, if a bit hot. No one fainted, so I consider it a great success. I will post photos at a later date.

The downside of all my activity, of course, is that MB hates me and resents the fact that I spend 18 hours a day away from the house. Son hasn't freaked out too much, but I think he'll be ready for some Mom Time when his camp is over this week.

And thanks to Sylvia and the whole Writers at Work Board for giving me the Executive Committee award. Very kind.

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