Sunday, July 02, 2006

Reunited: Part 1

We just returned home from our jaunt up north to my 20th High School Reunion.
Night One consisted of me travelling alone to Senor Iguanas, a restaurant owned by a guy I went to grade school with. It was weird from the moment I got there. I kept saying, "Oh my god! Oh my god!"
This is Blake Roberts, Peter Pappas & Johnny Papapavolis. Johnny and I went to grade school and junior high together. He's an actor in LA. You may recognize him from his roles as an extra in "The Island" and "Coach Carter." Peter is his boyfriend, a casting agent for "Two and a Half Men."
Blake and I went to junior high together. I regaled him with the story about how I had a huge crush on him and how he ignored me. Then I gave up on him. The next Friday at the Sock Hop he asked me to dance. It was too late. The song? "Stairway to Heaven." I thought it would never end. What's worse than dancing with someone you no longer have a crush on for ten minutes? Hearing about it at your 20th reunion.

The first "oh my god!" was brought about by the sighting of Eva and Mary, friends from Franklin Junior High who went to The Other High School. I had just been thinking about them and how we used to get together at Mary's house to watch "Dynasty." Proving, of course, that I have always loved bad TV.
Mary most fondly remembers working on projects that involved poster board and colored pencils. Oh junior high!

This is the next night at the Holiday Inn. The "mixer" was held in a lounge by the pool. It was hot and humid inside. In this photo I have just finished an extremely icy Jack and Ginger.
Those are my friends Andrea (AJ), Doug, and Denise surrounding me.
I haven't seen Doug since high school. We went to Junior Prom together. Andrea, Denise and I have stayed in touch. Andrea and I share a birthday, though she is a year older. Denise lives in Pocatello, though she left for a while. Her husband has been in Iraq for more than a year, and is coming home in August. She was the first friend that I was "ugly friend" to, meaning, she had the boyfriends and always tried to fix me up with their friends. It never worked.

The oddest thing to me was recognizing people I never really talked to in high school. They smiled and remembered my name. I saw all the guys I ever had crushes on. They looked okay, but not amazing. In general, and factoring for the fact that all 80s hair was bad hair, the women looked the same, and generally better than the men.
My favorite moment of the night was when a male friend from high school said, "Lynn, you are blowing our minds." He may have been drunk.


theorris said...

So why were you blowing their minds? It sounds like quite a successful lot of folks emerged from said Pokey Highschool. Is it Pocy or Pokey?

Dr. Write said...

Excuse me, I went to Highland!! Poky is the "Other High School." I was blowing their minds because I'm so hot!!

Lisa B. said...

I was just going to ask: how come you look so much youthful than all your hs friends?

Sounds like a great time. Icy Jack and Ginger also sounds like a great time.

theorris said...

Well I meant Poky the town, but I am glad to be corrected and to now know the correct spelling of Poky.

suzi Q said...

you are so very brave. i skipped my Idaho reunion last week. sounds like an ok time (except for the Stairway to Heaven crisis). you've inspired me to go to my 30th.